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shell, sleepy poets antique mall , 2013  © amanda binder

shell, sleepy poets antique mall, 2013  © amanda binder

Twentysix Gasoline Stations

Published in April of 1963, Twentysix Gasoline Stations was one of the first artist's books.  Ed Ruscha was the artist. 2013 marked 50 years since it was produced.  

That was the entire prompt given to contributors.  They were asked to respond to this prompt in any way that seemed appropriate.  The images, galleries, projects, artwork and writing here document a collection of thoughtful and wildly different responses to the prompt.  

The hopes and ideas we pull from the ether are no different (at their core) today than they were 50 years ago.  Everything and nothing matters, which is just as it should be.  

Thank you for joining us.  

Lareese Hall, founding editor



untitled by gretchen batcheller

have you seen us? by anne valente & joshua finnell

down the shore by rachel masilamani

26 stations by eric pickersgill

monopoly by pk donson

13 roadside attractions by joann schoepflin & joy surles 

sidewalk species by traci paris

fill 'er up? by renee piechocki

5 views from 5 gas stations by sheilah wilson

26 bolts of lighting by lareese hall