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Thank you for your interest in submitting a project for issue no. 2.  The topic is personal archives.

The idea for this issue came from reading an article about someone who discovered (and has subsequently published and promoted) a collection of work from an artist who chose never to publish or share her work http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/07/new-street-photography-60-years-old/

Given the choice what would you want someone who never knew you to know about you?  Would you want to be remembered?  If so, how would you want to be remembered?  What would be in your archive?  How do you define an archive? And on, and on…

Projects can focus on your own personal archive or something related to another person (or people) or something else – where you take this is entirely up to you.


Projects should consider the web as a platform and the possibilities and limitations therein as well.  Our editorial team will work with you to publish your piece in whatever way you imagine it.  But no pressure! Perhaps you want to do something simple – that is just fine too.  Keep track of your research and resources - we are interested in those as well.


Here are a few things to get you started:



Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks

Issue no. 2 will be published in January 2015.

Contact longdivisionmag at gmail.com to indicate interest and for submission instructions.  

Thank you.